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“Georgia Southern needs very much to pay their football coaches a whole lot better money so they don't have to worry about them being recruited by other colleges when they do well.”


“To the writer that said Donald Trump is spending taxpayer money going to political rallies: Why don't he just read the paper and get some facts? The Republican Party pays for the airplane and cost, but I guess being Trump, it's different from Obama when he did it.”


“I was just wondering, where the articles are from Dr. Mark Murphy? I really miss his articles because they seem to be coming from the heart. So please let me know why he's hasn't been in anything recently.”


“The word racism is the most misused and overused word in the English language.”


“Once again, it’s countdown, working down to four people to race for the championship in NASCAR, and once again, you did not publish the points standings. What’s wrong? You sure publish everything else; why can’t you do it for NASCAR?”