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“I would like to thank the Department of Transportation for the beautiful wildflowers on I-16 around mile Marker 120. Great job; beautiful. Thank you.”


“The Chatham County Board of Education needs to provide the transportation department with phones that make outgoing calls. I have left over six messages and requested call backs and have gotten nothing.”


“Can someone tell me the reason why the majority of the lights and the big screen scoreboard in new Memorial Stadium is on seemingly 24/7?”


“Could the newspaper do a story and let us know why our police chief is now called police director? He is still not a chief; he hasn’t been certified. Where is our real chief?”


“So you think we need to send money to Guatemala? What’s wrong with the $279 million we send them a year now?”


“Mark Twain said that those who do not read the newspaper are uninformed and that those who do are misinformed. I'm kinda surprised; I didn't know the Associated Press existed back in those days.”