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“U.S. House and Senate should be subject to term limits.”

“Headline in today's paper that when a Republican comes to town, he’ll tie up traffic. I bet when a Democrat comes to town it won't be that kind of headline; it’ll be nothing but praise.”


“The president and his supporters are concerned with the ‘invasion’ of the Central American caravan of mostly women and children, who are fleeing violence, now 700 miles from our closest border with Mexico. I assume we will handle this as a Christian nation. WWJD?”


“If the Latin Americans headed north have $22 trillion packed away, I will help welcome them with open arms. If they're going to cost taxpayers money, then they need to turn around and go home or wherever they desire, as long as it's not here.”


“I have just paid my last subscription increase. Honestly, Brian Kemp for governor?”


“I cannot figure out why you bring in Oprah Winfrey, who is nothing but a television star, to help your campaign. Just makes no sense. I know she's rich and I know she's successful, but she has no political moxie.”