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 “To the lady that put her two dogs out at the old Applebee’s store on Whitemarsh Island and drove off: Your SUV was too fast for them and they couldn’t keep up with you, but they did chase after you. You sleep good tonight.”


“Mark Streeter’s truth is only trouble for Republicans.”


“All you young people, check out the #walkaway movement on YouTube. Watch at least three videos before you vote! Watch it even if you are not able to vote.”


“Stacey Abrams has served in the Georgia legislature over six years, yet the president says she is not qualified to be governor. Keep in mind, his tenure in politics makes Stacey overqualified for his job.”


“All you conservatives and believers in fairness, do not use or express your opinions on the Vox Populi. They do not know that the term ‘white trash’ is a racist term. Maybe they are not the fair forum you expect or hope for.”


“Why do Democrats insist that we squander our wealth as a nation to experiment with socialism, which has devastated other countries? Please look at Brazil and Venezuela.”