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“Thank you, Leonard Pitts and Mark Streeter. You are the best interpreters of the political circus.”


“Early voting creates such an opportunity for corruption. This unprotected, unsupervised method for casting votes should be of concern for all.”


“Why is it that when somebody from the Middle East commits a crime, they are terrorist, but when an American commits a crime, they are gunman?”


“People should never base their vote simply on an endorsement by a Hollywood celebrity, a friend, family or anyone else. Be a rebel! Break out of your comfort zone, gather information from all sides, and learn to think for yourself!”


“I would like to thank the three gentlemen and lady [who] helped me and my husband in the Walmart parking lot Friday, Nov. 2. Really appreciate their coming and assisting me with my husband to get him in the car as he was having a seizure and I needed to get him to the ER at St. Joe's. They were a blessing and I thank you so much.”


“Trump's many security covered golf weekends far exceed any travel Obama did. Complain about by that? I am.”


“Republicans have had control of the Senate, the House and the presidency for two years now. The border is not secured, health care is not fixed and we're still in Afghanistan. Who is this mythological straw man they have to negotiate with?”

“Has the Savannah Morning News become the CNN news? It’s not covering any of Trump’s accomplishments; it’s not covering the caravan that’s getting ready to overtake the border.  What’s going on?”


“The hypocrisy of this newspaper is astounding. After articles about Kemp’s attempt in voter suppression and intimidation, you endorse him, in effect endorsing those tactics. Wow.”


“This is for the caller who said that asking how to be a community activist was a dumb question: Your response was arrogant and insulting. You call yourself a community activist but you could use some lessons in compassion and humility.”