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“Why is it every time we have a national election, Georgia is always late, late, late? Several days before they ever get a vote count finished. Disgraceful.”


“Really? The morning after a historic election, our Comcast TV and internet are down? Ridiculous.”


“My husband did not receive his absentee ballot, after two applications. I received mine just fine. Somebody needs to get their stuff together at the registrar’s office.”


“Long lines and multi-hour wait times to vote in Chatham County are becoming the norm, and nothing is going to change unless people raise hell about it! Just another example of having to wait for government service. What idiot would want to put those kind of government people in charge of providing their personal health care?”


“The newspaper has already done a story telling us why our police chief is now called the police director. He is in training to receive the requirements necessary to be a police chief. It’s different here than where he came from.”