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“I think every candidate running for public office should be required to take an IQ test. Some of them talk like they don't have a brain.”


“We would kinda like to know, how many shootings have been in Savannah this year? Seems like the city officials don't want to publicize it anymore.”


“Savannah Democrats, you are disappointing. You deserve what you get, Savannah.”


“I think all of the White House reporters should walk out! Take that, narcissist Trump.”


“Health care coverage is not a right, it's a responsibility.”


“To the person repeatedly complaining about sketchy NASCAR coverage in SMN: Just do what I do with my longtime still favorite 'Dear Abby' column. Sometimes SMN has room for only one of her letters. So I go online and read the rest of them for that day. Problem solved with no whining necessary.”


“At the founding of Savannah, it was decreed that lawyers were not to be allowed here. While today, as the highways swell with ill-suited drivers, accidents and litigation in the making, it is the lawyers that have become emboldened enough to show their face on billboards.”