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“Medicare for all is Medicare for no one. Notice that there are doctors who will not take new Medicare patients and facilities that will not take Medicaid. We need a health care plan that is sustainable.”


“All government employees’ salaries and benefits should be tied to the economy to reflect its viability based on political disruption. They shouldn't be rewarded for very poor judgment and lack of discipline.”


“The SMN editorial on Saturday, Nov. 10, lays out for all to see the staggering ineptitude of Brian Kemp as secretary of state. It's a shame you couldn't have published that before the election.”


“Those who say that giving former Secretary of State Brian Kemp control over voting rights was like putting the fox in charge of protecting the hen house are offending foxes everywhere.”


“To preserve friendships, I tolerate those around me who support Trump, as long as they hold their noses when they vote.”


“I would love to see an editorial cartoon of Mark Streeter weeping over a Stacey Abrams candidate sign while wearing a big red star (socialist) on his lapel.”


“I sure miss Tom Barton. We are all entitled to our opinions and the freedom to express them. He was never tedious.”


“Democrats should not be allowed to count ballots. They have no basic math skills.”


“If you post your signs on public property in Windsor Forest, they will disappear. I remove the signs, as they are classified as litter when put on public property. Keep Windsor Forest beautiful.”