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“How can you say your vote counts when you don’t count all the votes?”


“You can’t fault Trump for not visiting the WWI cemetery as scheduled. It was raining, and he has hair issues. Of course, the soldiers buried there did not have such options.”


“The DOJ should make sweeping arrests across the country of election officials who are guilty of election fraud. What sad commentary that Americans would jeopardize our own system of government for political power over the masses.”


“When I need Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama or anybody from outside the state of Georgia to tell me how to vote in Georgia, it's a sad time.”


“Yes, it is a shame that the Savannah Morning News has Leonard Pitts in there stirring the pot of racism. Should be removed from the paper as a columnist.”


“Satellite photos prove that Kim Jong Un has played Donald Trump for a fool; but then most educated citizens in this country already knew that.”