While on tour last week, Savannah psych rockers Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks’ van blew a head gasket outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The boys were able to make it back to Savannah safely, but the van is still stranded. Rude Dude has initiated a gofundme to help raised the $1,100 they need to get the all-mighty black wagon fixed and get back on tour.

Here’s a link to the fundraiser.


Here's the full story:

"Our van broke down on our way home back to Savannah about an hour outside of Asheville, NC in a little place called Spartanburg where it is now and currently stranded. The guys at the shop said we blew a head gasket. We called an engine shop and they came to look at it and told us the part is about $150 and the labor would cost about $1,100. Please help us get our van repaired so we can get back on the road and keep doing what we love and playing shows everywhere we can!! Long live Rock n’ Roll!"