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“In reference to the Alabama game: Ouch, that hurts.”


“It’s not strange at all that the majority of the votes found are for Democratic candidates, since they are the votes being suppressed by the Republican majority control in the states they are found. You notice there is no controversy in areas of Democratic control.”


“Does Stacey Abrams really believe that most Georgians want her far left wing agenda? … We voted against her for a valid reason.”


“Trump is motivated by his love of money and his hatred of Obama.”


“Florida’s elections were as big a mess as Georgia’s but as least when it was over, their losers conceded with grace and dignity, unlike our sore loser.”


 “Why, why, why would anyone leave their car unlocked, even in their own driveway or garage, especially in a parking lot, when anybody could be hiding in the backseat when you get back? Why would anyone leave the car unlocked when they get out of it?”