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“We should find new ways to punish people without locking them up unless they commit murder. It should be the last thing to do. Prisons are nothing but a crime factories. Community work could serve us very well.”


“Does anybody else see the similarity in the new arena with our old civic center? It's ridiculous. Looks just like it. One side, it's got the drive-through with the awnings over; the other side looks like the Barnard Street side. Why pay $160 million to create something we’ve already got?"


“If you're gonna lock up Ivanka Trump, perhaps she could share the same cell that Hillary Clinton is using. Oh wait, we only printed one side for Vox Populi.”


“Thank you, Stacey Abrams and Mr. Carter, for the wonderful work that you've done for the state of Georgia, and thank you for being decent human beings who ran good races. And I'm proud of both of you.”


“The American flag draping the casket of former President George Bush was wrinkled. It was a disgrace to the American people and to former president. May he rest in peace.”


“Am I the only one who is bothered that many days, obituaries are listed in the sports section?”


“I just wanted to report that I have invited all the Bryan County Planning and Zoning Department to be pallbearers at my funeral. That will be the last time they get to let me down.”