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“Our great leader, in the gassing of immigrants at the border, said that it was ‘safe tear gas.’ Is that the same thing as ‘clean coal’?”


“I think we all know which party changes all the rules to vote. It started happening in 2010, when the Republicans took everything with the Tea Party. Unfortunately, this comment probably won't be included because it's anti-GOP.”


“Today's paper said that money bought the presidency but actually what got Donald Trump elected was the Democrats running Hillary. Most votes were against Hillary. Not as much for Donald Trump.”


“Oil companies are selling out to the myth of global warming to appease the poorly informed and educated rugrats taking over government to get concessions to operate in the real world. The math used to define global warming is the same being used to balance government financial ledgers.”


“You’re right. God is a Republican; out of fairness, only because he'll be the only Republican in heaven.”