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“The Empty Stocking Fund should be required reading for every high school student.”


“With the city coffers falling short of all monies needed to do the entire design of Broughton Street, perhaps SCAD could donate those much-needed dollars. After all, they are tax exempt and own large properties on Broughton.”


“In my opinion, the new arena should be moved to Hutchinson Island, which is closer to the Historic District, as the current location choice will see a dramatic drop in attendance. I also think current architects should be replaced by the architects that drew up plans for John Cay’s lovely building at 22 Barnard.”


“Way to go, Savannah. Thanks for cutting back services for Savannah Fire. Now when these tax-exempt buildings catch on fire and you don't have the resources to put them out, wonder how they're going to feel? Bet they won't be happy. Return the services to Savannah Fire.”