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“Thank you, Lucy Hewitt of Congress Street Up, for finding my wallet in City Market Saturday night and searching for me on Facebook to return it. You are a good human!”


“Instead of going after Comey, Republicans should be thanking him. If it wasn't for his actions right before the election, Hillary would probably be president.”


“According to every government agency involved (except you-know-who in the White House) and the UN inspectors, Iran has complied with the Obama agreement, unlike 'little rocket man.'"


“I’m so old, I can remember when the R in NRA stood for Rifle, not Russia.”


“Big shout out and thank you to North Bryan County first responders — a dozen fire trucks and ambulances blazing lights just escorted Santa up and down our street to pass out candy to the kids. That's what Christmas is all about. Job well done.”


“The civic center should look like a historic building, not a glass and steel modern monster. Give that to Rob Hernandez!”