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“The fox guarding the hen house knows that it's the chickens’ or the hens’ fault for getting eaten.”


“The SMN needs to replace Leonard Pitts with Sean Dietrich. It would be nice to wake up every day with a positive message.”


“To the loud, rude and crazy woman at the Dollar Store on Victory Drive and Skidaway on Wednesday afternoon … We pray you have a blessed day and have a Merry Christmas.”


“During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump directed his lawyer to pay hush money to cover up his extramarital affairs, actions that are a violation of law. Now it is known what his supporters want for our country: an arms-crossed fascist dictator who shepherds their every thought!”


“I'm sorry, I must have missed your headlines a few years ago that said feds seek prison time for Clinton, but then you are an arm of the Democratic Party, so I couldn't expect you to say that.”