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“Where do I take old fried turkey oil to be disposed of?”


“The bridge is too small for the port. The convention center is too small. The new planned civic center is too small. Change it before groundbreaking to 20,000 seats. It will pay long-term dividends!”


“Why do we need a district attorney in the prosecutor's office? Why don't we just let the parole board decide what a criminal is supposed to get?”


“Hey, it looks to me like the way we're getting aligned with Russia with Saudi Arabia and all that, we've become the new axis of evil.”


“Wow. Monday morning I looked at the political cartoon and I thought, Streeter does have another side. Then I noticed it wasn't him that drew it.”


“The wall is the greatest legacy of the Republican Party, period, along with judgeships. But without national sovereignty, we no longer exist as a constitutional republic founded on principles of law and order. So if laws can be interpreted based on political correctness, then judges have less significance.”