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“I believe in compromise and cooperation. If your woman doesn't like your beard, just shave half your face. That is a win-win.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting rid of ‘Wumo,’ but how much longer must I beg and plead for you to get rid of ‘Close to Home’?”


“To the caller who said, ‘I'm just wondering if it's true that the Atlanta Falcons’ new slogan is wait till next year.’ No, that's not their new slogan. That's the slogan they've had since the franchise came in beat.”


“If you are unhappy about Peter Shannon leaving as conductor, call the Philharmonic office and tell them. 912-232-6002. Make your opinion known.”


“What's with all these bald-headed people here lately? Bald is not a good look for anybody.”


“Been scratching those Georgia Lottery special-edition Christmas tickets without much luck or holiday cheer. Might as well be scratching my head.”


“To the caller looking for a German restaurant in Savannah: The Bier Haus on Oglethorpe has wonderful German food.”