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“Could former criminals possibly have worked their way on to our parole board?”


“On the night Christ was born, the three wise men heard God say that there was a child born in Bethlehem, so they went to Bethlehem to see this child and brought him gifts. This was the first Christmas. The child's name was Christ and the wise men, upon bringing gifts, called it Christmas.”


“I am sick and tired of Mark Streeter’s vitriol against my president. He couldn't even give it a rest on Christmas Day. What a miserable person he must be.”


“The puzzle y’all have in today's [Dec. 25] paper that is two pages wide, a person with 20/20 vision could not read that tiny, tiny print and it's very light also. Maybe y’all need to get some more ink so you can see the things and maybe make it a little bit larger. That's a waste of time and energy for anybody.”