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“The tourist dollar, Mr. Ivan Cohen, the tourist dollar. If we modernize Savannah, then we're going to lose all the tourism because why would they come to see our modernization when they can stay home and see their own?”


“I'd like to know who is on the parole board and how often they change it, and is that a matter of public record? And could you tell me what the names are, if that’s possible.”


“I think it basically stinks that Mark Streeter would put a political cartoon out on Christmas. How low can you go? I'm glad he uses red; when I see red on the editorial page, I skip over it.”


“Mark Streeter, that was the most perfect cartoon on Christmas Day about Donald Trump giving you a lump of coal. I tell you what, you and that letter writer Bernie Evans, you keep us liberals sane.”


“I'm 87 years old. Too old to run and I'm disabled. I carry my pistol on my side every time I leave the house.”