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“Perhaps these government shutdowns wouldn’t be bandied about so casually if our legislators also had to suffer from them.”


“What's all this argument about building the border wall? As soon as Mexico sends us the money, we'll build the wall. No problem.”


“The Democrats do not want the wall or any border security. The people of the United States want it.”


“What gets in the way of becoming a modern world is that we are still colonizing this one, seeking strategic advantage to control or reinventing wealth for the privileged few. A place less about us and more the folly of men.”


“I think it's time for Trump to declare martial law and use the military to build our wall for national security purposes.”


“My friends and I can't wait for Mark Streeter to come back from vacation. The substitute cartoons don't match your talent and your genius, Mark. We love you.”


“It amazes me that a nation so bound by censorship, age limits and rules is OK with the noise pollution that fills the air from revved-up cars and trucks. How my ears are taking a beating!”


“We should ask LEGO to lend us some blocks and let American and Mexican children build a 2-foot high wall along the border.”


“What's needed during shutdown is eliminating entire agencies in the swamp and around the nation. Payroll savings to taxpayers will help secure our borders.”


“The 'Welcome to Savannah' sign that was painted on the side of the Thunderbird Hotel is terrible. Is that the best we can do with a community filled with art students?”