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“Trump’s ‘Artistic Steel Slats’ makes a great acronym.”


“Would somebody please tell me why the Republicans do not want the masses to have good health care?”


“I have nothing bad to say about Trump or the Republicans, so I have little chance to be printed in this biased rag of a paper.”


“If anyone really believes that President Trump's ordering troops out of Syria is a bad idea, please get a life!”


“Apple needs to move from China back home and Mexico to keep wealth in our hemisphere instead of in a country that owns its people.”


“Dear leader Trump only has one card left in which he can negotiate and that card is to resign the presidency while he still has any leverage at all.”


"Finally, Wednesday, Dec. 26, the Savannah Morning News editorial board puts on his big boy pants and exposes Trump for the phony he is. Remember, this paper backed him two years ago when he ran for president. About time you woke up and let's hope some of the losers that voted for him and still support him haven't forgotten how to read.”