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“Kudos to Michael Karpf, the most fair and honest judge that I ever think there was.”


“The recent Pink House fire is a tragedy. Let's not forget other tragedies in the Historic District, such as the entrance wall to Bethesda, the Revolutionary War retaining wall at Fort Wayne and lion at the Cotton Exchange. We can't continue losing these historic treasures to carelessness.”


“Trump need to rethink his insistence on building the border wall. With all of the information about his involvement in the corruption coming to light, the wall might be an obstruction when he makes his mad dash for the border.”


“The I-16 cable barriers are a ridiculous waste of cement, steel, and time. What a sweetheart deal for the ‘good ole boy’ subcontractor!”


“SMN, please take a positive step toward some of your subscribers and fire Mark Streeter. He sunk to a new low in his atrocious cartoon about President Trump, on Christmas Day of all times. Is Mark dating Nancy Pelosi now?”