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“When will the networks understand that we want to see all the floats in the Rose Bowl parade?”


“OK, so, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador receive approximately $5 billion ... for aid! What about the aid for our people? Better yet, how about the wall?”


“Early retirement may not be possible for Trump. We may retire him early and it certainly won't be for a job well done! No, quite the opposite.”


“You’ll never convince me that anyone who loves this country who cares about the future of United States of America could support today's Democratic socialist party.”


“Why don't we just keep the government shut down? We can do without the post office, Social Security and all laws. Then the crooks in office can siphon off the rest of our tax money!”


“I used to enjoy reading Mark Murphy's so good commentaries but after the commentary he has today bashing our president, I will never read anything else by him again. I think he should just stick to being a doctor.”