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“Why do I see shoppers putting every one of their vegetables into plastic bags at the grocery? Are they afraid they will touch the other vegetables? And putting a bunch of bananas in a plastic bag, really? These are vegetables, not hazardous waste! Don’t you think we have enough plastic in our planet?”


“President Trump, you're not building a hotel. It's time for your little war to end.”


“This Sunday's supplement farewells and tributes by Mark Streeter is wonderful. He's a special talent in Savannah.”


“How insulting! The SMN requires its best customers, annual subscribers, to pay $5 for an entire magazine of Streeter ‘cartoons.’ It is bad enough I get it every day in the paper.”


“A thought for the new year: Remembering that less than half of American voters chose Trump and believing that the majority of us are still longing for something meaningful and with purpose. Go in peace.”


“The Dems are screaming and thumping their chest about the misdeeds of Donald Trump but they totally ignore the decades of abuse of power by the Clintons. They probably need to clean up their own house before they start looking at others.”


“Did CAT test drive these new buses before buying them? They sound like whales surfacing every time the air brakes go off. Scared the bejeezus out of me one day.”


“My family had the happiest Christmas ever. Everyone is working; we're all paying lower taxes thanks to President Trump. And we're very optimistic about the future under President Trump.”


“I just love how people whine and complain about how Trump is treated by our newspaper and everybody else, but if you look at Trump and you see a good man, you are part of the problem.”