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“The Democrats are now the party of no. They are against common-sense things that would help our country so much.”


“In a recent opinion in the SMN, the writer stated that Richard Nixon was impeached. There have been only two presidents impeached: Andrew Johnson in the 1860s and William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton in the 1990s. The House Judiciary Committee recommended impeachment July 27, 1974, but Nixon resigned instead.”


“Thank God and the SMN for Mark Streeter!”


“Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped to help me, called EMS, and stayed with me after my fall from my manual medical scooter on the Friday before Christmas. I hit my head pretty hard. However, I was OK. EMS came, did their thing, and I felt no hospital for me. People are so nice and caring, which is something you don't see too often.”


“To the caller who said that he was 87 years old and he carries his pistol on his side every time he leaves his house: Yeah, I guess most Savannahians feel that way. That's why this ex-Savannahian lives in Guyton.”