The Mark Hosler show has been moved to Wormhole Bar. In a Facebook post, Graveface Records said, "Due to the rapid gentrification of the Starland District, we are unable to host live music anymore. Tonight’s incredible show: Mark Hosler of Negativland, Dame Darcy and smalltalk has been moved to the Wormhole with an 8pm start time (7pm doors / $7 / 18+). Please come out and support. Thanks to Wormhole for helping us out.

"And on the gentrification tip I have two separate thoughts:1. Don’t mistake lack of talent for genius.2. Don’t give in to $5 tacos and $14 cocktails (just as an example). The investors opening these businesses are NOT doing you a favor by existing and offering you overpriced stuff in a fancy package. RIP all ages/DIY live music at Graveface. xoxo"


Hey there live music fans, are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Are you ready for an experience?


Or, perhaps you haven’t reached the legal age of alcohol consumption and aren’t afforded entry to the city’s primary music clubs and still want to take in a rock ’n’ roll concert. Either way, the Starland District, the hippest few square miles of cool in Savannah, has a couple of notable live music shows this week that will be cheap, open to all humans and probably bizarre.

First up, punk music. That's right dear readers. Punk with a capital P. On Jan. 14, a Monday allegedly, Sulfur Studios’ Upstairs is hosting a five-band rock ’n’ roll show with three fairly awesome touring bands and two equally awesome local bands, all for the high price of $7.

Out of Philadelphia, Dark Thoughts returns to Savannah. They rock. Also from Philly — land of great punk and rock music — the power pop of The Smarthearts are set to punch your ear drums, in probably their Savannah debut. (No one sent out a press release on this show, so we have no idea. Send future information and complaints to jpeacock@savannahnow.com.) Charleston’s Dumb Doctors, who recently played Savannah, return. High-school punks Basically Nancy and Savannah go-go rockers Valley Gals open.

That’s quite a banger for just seven bones!

Then on Jan. 16, the following Thursday evening, Graveface Records keeps it weird — really what they do best.

Mark Hosler, of the infamous Negativland, will play a solo set with the equally bizarre Dame Darcy opening up. Guess what? It’s only $7 and is open to all ages… Collusion!

For the uninitiated, Negativland is an experimental band who rips on popular culture in the best ways.

In 1987, their label couldn’t afford to sponsor a tour. So the band released a fake press release stating that their song, “Christianity is Stupid,” inspired the real murderer David Brom, who killed his religious parents with an axe. The national news caught on to it and made the band somewhat infamous. They revealed their hoax to NPR later, and further exploited it in the 1989 album “Helter Stupid.” Which, for you rock historians, is a take on The Beatles “Helter Skelter,” which allegedly inspired Charles Manson to lead the lambs to slaughter a bunch of people. Dark.

You should also check out the 1990 gems, “Negativland Presents Over The Edge Vol. 3: The Weatherman’s Dumb Stupid Come-Out Line,” 1993’s “Over The Edge Vol. 6-The Willsaphone Stupid Show,” and 1997’s “Dispepsi,” an entire album about the soft drink, Pepsi.

Oh, and they tricked U2’s "The Edge" into an interview after they were sued by the band for their album “U2.” Hilarious and worth catching live.