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“If a border wall works in Israel, why can't a border wall work in this country as a deterrent to illegal immigrants? Once you build it, all you’ve got to do is maintain it. That makes common sense to me.”


“The Democrats would love to fund the wall — with Mexico. The problem is they just don't want Trump to get the credit. Everything they do is political; the heck with the good of the country.”


“I’m afraid ‘Put up Artistic Steel Slats’ won’t work too well as a rally chant.”


“Kellyanne Conway has again made a brilliant comment telling the enemy of the people, the media, that the Democrats are trying to make a four-letter word out of the ‘wall.’ And Donald Trump says that he only employs the ‘very best.’ He truly does love the ‘uneducated.’"


“Mexico has done more than our own U.S. Congress to prevent illegal immigration into the United States. Who would have ever imagined that?”