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“With all the problems going on in Savannah and the United States, it must be nice not to have anything to do but worry about Mark Streeter. Some people have nothing to do but sit home and complain.”


“If we don’t get around to building ‘The Wall,’ does that mean we have to give Mexico their money back?”


“If it is illegal for private industry to force employees to work without pay, why is it legal for the government?”


“On Nov. 2, the United States became the largest oil producer in the world yet our ‘stable geniuses’ in Washington let Russia and the Saudi-led OPEC dictate what the American consumer pays at the pump. 2020 can’t get here soon enough.”


“Does anyone think the Democrats would still oppose the wall if they believed the migrants from South of the border would be Republicans?”


“Why is Nancy Pelosi so against the American people having the wall? It would solve a lot of problems we're having and a lot of expenses. I'm sure she has a wall around her house.”