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“Politicians want to be seen displaying compassion. Well how about showing some compassion for the people that pay the bills, the taxpayers?”


“Did the terrorist pilots from 9/11 cross the Southern border illegally?”


“If the Democrats leave ideas and suggestions and the Republicans complain about the Democrats, perhaps it’s because all of the Democratic ideas and suggestions lead to the socialization and destruction of America.”


“The president is proud to shut down the government! His words!”


“Tybee is no longer an island but more like a bureaucracy headed by political nerds, allowing us the privilege of paying to park year-round to stare into the murky waters and unimpressive waves. Leave only your footprints, though it's our wallets they prefer."


“Reading the article in today's [Dec. 22] paper about extending the Benton Boulevard highway. It would be nice if if the paper would show a map of this area of our county so that those of us will know exactly how they're talking about doing this extension. Seeing it on paper would be good.” [Editor’s note: Find a map of the area with the article at savannahnow.com.]