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“By writing stricter gun laws, all you do is prevent the honest citizens from defending themselves. The ‘bad guys’ will always have their guns, which they probably didn’t buy legally anyway.”


“A banana republic is a country with a dictator who doesn’t take care of his or her people and where there is a big disparity between the really rich and the really poor. We are headed that way, but it will be the Republicans who take us there.”


“The ignorance of people like Mark Streeter is unbelievable.”


“Since we need so many projects completed, why don't we sentence prisoners to community service? We especially need help for the very poor. Let's change things for the better.”


“A suggestion to address government shutdowns is to adopt a constitutional amendment: In the event any federal government services or agencies are suspended or terminated by an elected official, that individual should not receive any compensation or payment for staff during that period.”