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“Give Streeter a raise and charge it to Trump. Mexico will surely pay any bills he sends them.”


“Thank you, Mark, for remembering Elvis’ birthday.”


“Hey, don't worry about Mark Streeter going anywhere. He's too good for a small area and he’s not good enough for a big city. He's just right for Savannah. What a shame.”


“No one said Mark Streeter wasn't a brilliant cartoonist. The fact that he's very biased is the other thing; propaganda.”


“Say what you will, but my bucket list includes doing something worthy of being depicted in a Mark Streeter cartoon. He’s brilliant.”


“Complaining about Mark Streeter is an exercise in futility. If he were any worse, he'd be working for the Statesboro Herald and if he were any better, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution would snap him up in a minute. Now he's just right to the Savannah Morning News. Be content with what you have.”


“One man's trash is another man's treasure. You rock, Mark!”