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“Not all the nostalgia money in the world will save Sears from departing the business world. It chose to operate in yesterday mode.”


“Multiple businesses have closed in the city of Savannah recently. While some of those were unavoidable, Pooler and other areas surrounding Savannah are growing. The city of Savannah suffers from city and county property tax, high rent, and inflated property values. We need new leadership and a consolidated city and county government to deal with this.”


“Thank goodness that the new Georgia governor was sworn in at Georgia Tech and not UCLA.”


“In the first months of op-ed editor Adam Van Brimmer's reign, we had the pleasure of reading liberal Washington Post columnists most every day, then came a slew of letters in fall 2018 about the page ‘veering left.’ They slowed to a drip. In 2019, we've had not one; color me bummed.”


“The oil companies are cheating their customers by not lowering their gas prices to less than $2 a gallon.”


“SEC, SEC, way to go Alabama, way to go Georgia!”