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“Why are the Democrats choosing a loser to give the Democrats’ response to the State of the Union? Seems like they’d pick a rising star; somebody who's a winner. Good gracious.”


“I’m looking forward to watching Nancy Pelosi with her phony smile forced to sit behind President Trump while he delivers the SOU address. I doubt that she will be able to hide her hatred for the president and the Republican Party — let alone stay awake.”


“Dumb and dumber. I'm not talking about President Trump. I'm talking about the people who voted him in as president and still support him. He's the biggest con man since Bernie Madoff. I hope you’re still not that dumb when the 2020 elections come around.”


“You call your paper a sports department. You don't even list any golf in Saturday's [Jan. 19] paper; not what's on TV and no scores.”


“What is happening to the Vox? I don't enjoy reading it anymore; it's all about politics. Really, it's full of gloom and doom. Bring back something different.”