Brass bands are known for bringing joy wherever they set up to play.

All types of gatherings are enhanced with tubas and trombones, even the end of a life via the iconic New Orleans funeral. This weekend finds one of New Orleans’ most famous brass bands celebrating the beginning of festival season in Savannah, and the birth of a new beer from Southbound Brewing Co.

Savannah Music Festival and Southbound Brewing are hosting Grammy winners Rebirth Brass Band on Feb. 9. The party celebrates the 30th season of Savannah Music Festival and the fifth year of their collaboration with Southbound Brewing. Southbound has become a beacon for live music lovers as they often host favorites of the jam festival scene like Keller Williams. Rebirth Brass Band are giants in that scene.


Formed in 1983, the band became iconic in New Orleans through weekly residencies and viral recordings. Their Tuesday gig at the storied Maple Leaf is a must for many visitors of the Crescent City. The Maple Leaf is known for drawing the best in local and traveling performers, as well as music fans from all sects of society.

Former President Barack Obama famously planned to catch Rebirth’s Tuesday Maple Leaf show after leaving office. Rebirth has traveled all over the world the past three decades, addicting fans to their classic yet untethered sound. The band includes elements of funk and hip hop with their traditional lineup that keep people dancing and attending shows.

They promise to bring an undeniable energy to Savannah with a sound and show rarely on display in this area. Given Rebirth’s ability to draw all types of music fans, Southbound Brewing is an obvious home for their Savannah showcase.

Founded in 2011, Southbound has been able to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. Their beers have won awards and fans from all over the country. Southbound’s annual collaboration with Savannah Music Festival has become a favorite of their devotees. Rollin’ & Tumblin was the original offering to be served exclusively for and at the Savannah Music Festival five years ago.


The American IPA was immediately popular, and went on to gain notoriety beyond Savannah and the music festival. Brewery founder Smith Matthews says, “Our partnership came about through an equal love of music and beer. The good folks involved in organizing the festival really enjoy craft beer, so we got together five years ago and discussed forming a partnership and making a collaboration beer. It was an instant hit right out of the gate!”

This year Southbound brings Wailin, a hazy and juicy IPA to be poured during the festival. Beer lovers can be the first to taste Wailin at the Rebirth show. Matthews says the collaboration has grown over the years and will allow music fans to take home Wailin. “The beers and branding have progressed over the years. This year we will be offering a hazy/juicy IPA in 16-ounce tall boy 4-packs. It will be a cool new look and a all around great new beer!”

Festival organizers are not only adept at curating the best in craft beer. Savannah Music Festival is known for bringing only world class acts across all genres every Spring. Luminaries like John Pizzarelli Trio, Catherine Russell, Pokey Lefarge, The Del Mccoury Band, Jerry Douglas, and many others are scheduled to perform during this year’s festival. Held over the last weekend of March through the first two weeks of April, the festival offers unforgettable experiences in several venues across town.

Saturday’s launch party featuring Rebirth Brass Band will be the only concert at the actual brewery. Matthews says the party is a culmination of a productive relationship. “Everything we do revolves around music,” Matthews explains. “We have always been music enthusiasts and love all different styles.The partnership with Savannah Music Festival was a natural fit for us and we have enjoyed seeing it progress into what it is today.”