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“Hey kids, let's go to Savannah and look at the photographic archives of all the historic buildings that have been allowed to be torn down. Who's in?”


“Brian Kemp says he supports offshore drilling, just not off the coast of Georgia. Sounds like he might be vying for a White House run using the Trump University political platform.”


“The watch lady at Sears was Suzanne El-Habre.”


“The watch lady from Sears is now in the Oglethorpe Mall in the central hallway near Starbucks.”


“The next ‘demerger’ should be the school system.”


“Whenever I did something stupid in high school, my parents would always hire a big-time political public relations firm to fix things up.”

“I read in the Morning News that there are 57 boats coming into the Savannah ports next week. That's over eight ships a day. What a booming booming business we have here in Savannah.”