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“All you have to do to see how far behind we are is to look at the White House!”


“From Al Gore to the more current Stacey Abrams, it always seems to be Democrats whining that they didn’t really lose. Are there any Republicans still refusing to accept losing elections? I genuinely don’t know this. If there are, please share.”


“I just finished doing my tax return. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Trump.”


“Ordinary people are finding out that when the Republicans said tax cut, the fine print meant ‘tax refund cut.’”


“Why do we have a law in Georgia that says you need to move to the right if you're driving too slow? Why are these people not getting ticket?”


“You must be kidding me. An article about a restaurant that has been in business for 50 years asking for someone else to pay their basic business needs. We have been funding you every time we eat there. Embarrassing Southern culture, yet again.”