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“Health care coverage is not a right, it’s a responsibility.”


“Donald Trump’s affection for Vladimir Putin is comparable to an attorney general’s admiration for Al Capone.”


“Nations of the world use our generosity against us to further their own agenda, meaning either socialism or communism. Meaning taxpayers’ money is used to defeat capitalism, the greatest equalizer for all people.”


“Let's play finish the last sentence. When children choose to fuss and fight, they eventually outgrow it. When adults choose war over peace, they ...”


“When senators are indicted with federal charges, as Christopher Collins is, they should be automatically denied a place on any upcoming ballots.”


“I'm going to be just like the Democrats. I’m going to vote against anything that looks or even smells like being democratic. The Democrats are the United States’ worst enemies.”


“Our privately owned prisons are operated with a profit in mind. They’re not interested in seeing the prisoners rehabilitated; they just want to see them returned to prison.”