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“We are just back from our first cruise. I can tell you that Savannah is missing the boat (to coin a phrase) by not having a cruise terminal. Maybe Thunderbolt or better yet, Port Wentworth, should should step up and build one.”


“I want to thank the Savannah Morning News for finally adding a worthwhile supplement to the Sunday paper. I am thoroughly enjoying all the health advice and I hope everybody gets a chance to read it.”


“South Carolina deserves to lose the BMW plant; all of the jobs, income and taxes that come with it, since they can't appreciate the giant gift it is!”


“SMN, you do realize there's only 50 states, correct? I mean the people working there, hopefully.”


“Last week I asked 17 students, ages 17 to 25, who is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence? None of them knew the answer.”