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“Young people thinking about having a child, just forget it. There's enough of you already confused about life without adding to the quagmire.”


“Mandatory retirement age for judges and senators and congressmen! Where was it when Strom Thurmond was milking the government?”


“Like Trump, who doesn't care what FBI records show, Republicans don't care about truth or facts. Wonder why we are where we are? Ignorance.”


“Our president is reportedly spending time coming up with nicknames for his 2020 Democratic challengers. In most cases nicknames, especially derogatory, were a thing of the past after sixth grade. Ah, showbiz!”


“I saw Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer standing side by side and it was like looking at the American Gothic.”


“I read the property transfers, have no trouble with it, and I'm an old guy.”


“I agree with Lewis Grizzard’s quote and he also shared a bit of wisdom when he said, ‘If you don't like the United States of America, Delta is ready when you are.’”