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“A larger than average portion of Savannah’s population must be color blind. What other reason could there be that so many drivers here run red lights?”


“A ‘veteran,’ whether active duty, reserve, discharged or retired, is someone who, at one point in life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America, for an amount of ‘up to, and including, his or her life.’”


“Just when I was about to cancel SMN because of Mark Streeter, he produced an editorial page cartoon that I actually liked. He mentioned the vulgarity in [Feb. 10’s] ‘Non Sequitur’ (which I had formerly enjoyed) and he poked fun at himself.”


“I find it curious that the Dems love to make an issue of Trump's lack of service during the Vietnam era, but ignore the fact that their ‘hero’ Bill Clinton also avoided military service during the same period. Barack Obama was never in any branch of the military, either!”


“Logic about the wall makes no sense. Proportionally speaking, few homicides have been committed by people coming in from our southern border. Why aren’t people talking about the white, American men that have committed mass shootings? Where is the cry for intelligent gun control among Republicans?”


“Trump opened back up the government because he’s concerned and cares about the people. He wants to keep us safe with the wall. The Democrats have not cared about the people in a long, long time and they’re not going to do anything for you. Run from that crazy party!”


“The largest wall is around the minds of those who believe the wall will accomplish anything more! Careful you don't let daylight in.”