It’s time to make healthy choices.

It’s time to get up and move your body, to get back to the core root of physical entertainment. We’re talking about potato sack races, of course! And it’s time learn about health and wellness as a family—for free!

The 7th annual Fit Kids Fest, presented by Memorial Health, once again proves that getting outside as a community is a healthy recipe for fun.

This engaging event, held this year at Savannah State University, promotes overall wellness for K-12 students and introduces participants to academic resources in the community. It also teaches the how-to of making healthy choices and living an active lifestyle.

Activities will include tips on making healthy meals and snacks, with a hands-on demonstration with Chef Eugene, Savannah’s premier salad master. Physical activities like obstacle course races, yoga classes, live fitness demonstrations, music and dance performances and soccer drills will get folks moving. And to further promote its mission of overall wellness, resources for strengthening the mind will also be explored.


“The Junior League of Savannah believes that if K-12 students are educated and exposed to a variety of healthy practices, they can find the best fit for them and promote new generational trends throughout their family, friends, and community,” Kellie Fletcher, Fit Kids Fest Chair 2019 said.“Children don’t always have control over what they eat and what they do, so it’s our job to guide them.”

Fletcher has been involved with Fit Kids Fest since its beginning and says the event not only gets bigger and better each year, but that the community continues to offer its support guiding students to better understand the importance of overall health and well-being. Together, she said, we can improve health awareness and encourage everyone to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

And sometimes, seeing is believing. During the event, simultaneous sporting events will take place on the grounds, including a Savannah State track meet and baseball game – and following the event, Savannah State athletes will take the court for a basketball game against Howard College.

Student athletes will also be on sight during the day lending a hand, and willing to answer any questions curious future ballers may have.

“We can all work together for better overall healthy,” Fletcher said. “It’s important to grow a fit body and mind. And we will teach you how to do it; all you have to do is come to this great free event.”