Harnessing the American folk and rock tradition of yesteryear, England’s The Ruen Brothers, a sibling duo, are on a meteoric rise attracting crowds of new fans behind their debut album, “All My Shades of Blue.”

The Ruen Brothers’ debut album was helmed by supreme producer Rick Rubin and showcases a vintage sound reminiscent of other brother acts the Everlys, and the Louvins.

They will perform twice at this year’s Savannah Stopover Music Festival.

Henry and Rupert Stansall combined their first names into the singular musical moniker Ruen. Their journey began in a blue collar small town in England with, as many family bands do, their musical father.


The Ruen Brothers were raised on a steady diet of classic vinyl at the direction of their father. The sounds of the Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry were a staple of childhood, along with other icons of early folk, and rock ’n’ roll. Henry Stansall says the brother’s first stroke of good fortune came at the hands of their musically supportive parents.

“Both our parents were always encouraging and supportive,” Henry Stansall says. “Dad and Mum took us to guitar lessons, and vocal coaches. We were very lucky in this respect.”

The path their parents set has been bearing fruit for several years now, but began humbly with their first attempts at performing live.

They started out in their small hometown, playing for tiny, sometimes unsuspecting pubs. “We remember our first gig very well,” Henry Stansall says. “We played at the Black Beauty pub in Bottesford, England. We did two 45 minute sets of music, doing mostly cover songs by artists such as Chuck Berry, The Searchers and The Rolling Stones. A young Rupert overheard some eye opening life stories from the landlord at the time and the room was full of clouds of cigarette smoke from the local punters. It was a grand old time.”

The Ruen Brothers first found commercial success after moving to London as “Aces,” a song recorded in their apartment, became a darling of the BBC network. Since then, they’ve enjoyed one opportunity after another, culminating with the recording of their latest LP in California with Rubin. Father Stansall is still in England watching from afar but Henry says they hope to be able to bring him along soon. “Sadly our father is not on this trip,” Henry Stansall says. “ As we grow and grow hopefully we can fly him out and take him on a cross country touring adventure!”

“All My Shades of Blue” was released in June of last year and continues to reach a wider set of roots music fans. The band found an instant agreement in aesthetic with Rubin but also gained new perspectives from the veteran record producer.

“We learned a lot working with Rick,” Henry Stansall says. “He taught us that less is more, not to give too much away too early, and to focus on our strengths and what makes us unique.”

The album has shot the band into new realms of success, and has kept the brothers in demand. “The last eight months have been great for us,” Henry Stansall says. “We’ve toured the length and breadth of country and made a lot of new fans. We’ve also almost finished our second album which is exciting for us. We are ready to get some new music out there and keep touring!”

The Ruen Brothers will perform on Savannah Stopover’s opening day in addition to giving a VIP acoustic performance Friday, March 8. Fans will appreciate the vintage equipment the brothers use in addition to their throwback sound. The band’s look, guitars, and amplifiers all stay true to an era of music held dear by so many. The Ruen Brothers are a must see for festival goers in love with classic folk and American roots music.