Genres are silly.

Most of the best music ever made, especially rock ’n’ roll, doesn’t fall into nice little boxes with neat walls and perfectly defined sounds. In fact, rock ’n’ roll is most interesting when it bends genres, shakes them up in a food processor of raw emotion, influence and experience, and rebels against the rules of its predecessors while being an obvious product of something before it.

However, broadly speaking, it’s nice to have an idea of where an act lies in the spectrum of influence and sound. We’re in, technically speaking, the seventh decade of rock ’n’ roll, depending on how you want to track the genesis — which for the record began with a black queer woman.

So, in order to assist your 2019 Stopover experience, I am going to break down all 80 or whatever acts into some sort of genre by each day, organized by time for convenience and acceptance. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of how to tackle your day, sonically speaking. I can’t speak to your mental health. I do recommend therapy and coffee, and self-love/respect for that though.


Thursday, March 7

Singer-songwriter/folk-rock/Americana/generally made by white folks listening to Hank, Johnny and Willie/country/alt-country/Maybe British, mostly Southern:

• Aaron Paul Zimmer: 6:30 p.m.; Ships of the Sea.

•  The Underhill Family Orchestra: 9:30 p.m.; Wayward.

• The Train Wrecks: 9:30 p.m.; Jinx.

• The Artisanals: 10:30 p.m.; Jinx.

• The Minks: 11 p.m.; Service.

• Ruen Brothers: 11:30 p.m.; Jinx.


Punk/post-punk/garage rock/inspired by the Buzzcocks/mostly unknown/will never be on Top 40 radio:

• Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains: 9:30 p.m.; Social Club.

• Valley Gals: 10 p.m.; El-Rocko.

• Arson Daily: 10 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.

• Billy Moon: 10:30 p.m.; Club One.

• Damn Jackals: 10:30 p.m.; Social Club.

• Faux Ferocious: 11 p.m.; El-Rocko

• Lovelorn: 11:30 p.m.; Social Club.

• The Mystery Lights: midnight; El-Rocko.

• Dan Luke and The Raid: midnight; Barrelhouse.


Folk/rock/really well produced final product/major indie label/probably more than 100,000 Spotify fans:

• SONTALK: 7:30 p.m.; Ships of the Sea.

• Lucy Dacus: 8:30 p.m.; Ships of the Sea.


Indie-pop/emotional/men with high-range vocals/inspired by feelings, The Shins, R&B and synthesizers:

• Boyscott: 11 p.m.; Barrelhouse.

• Paul Cherry: 11:30 p.m. Club One.

• The Bright Light Social Hour: midnight; Service.


Friday, March 8

Singer-songwriter/folk-rock/Americana/generally made by white people listening to Hank, Johnny & Willie/country/alt-country/Southern:

• Esther Rose: 5 p.m.; Service.

• The Maggie Valley Band: 5:30 p.m.; Jinx.

• The Kernels: 6 p.m.; Service.

• William Tyler: 6 p.m.; The Wayward.

• Caitlin Rose: 7 p.m.; Service.

• Andrew Combs: 8 p.m.; Service.


Indie-pop/emotional/inspired by The Smiths and feelings/took psychedelic mushrooms in high-school:

• The Holy Knives: 6:30 p.m.; Social.

• Faye Webster: 7:30 p.m.; Ships.

• Sun Seeker: 11 p.m.; Social.

• Pip the Pansy: 11:30 p.m.; Club One.


Indie-rock base/not shy about horns/organ usage possible/R&B and Motown in childhood/own jazz records on vinyl:

• Super Doppler: 10 p.m.; Social.

• Little Bird: midnight; El-Rocko Lounge.

• Sleepwalkers: midnight: Social Club.

• Pinc Louds: 12:30 a.m.; Club One.


Punk/post-punk/garage rock/inspired by the Buzzcocks/mostly unknown/will never be on Top 40 radio:

• Dead Soft: 6:30 p.m.; Social.

• Well Wisher: 9:30 p.m.; Jinx.

• Weakened Friends: 11:30 p.m.; Jinx.

• Priests: 12:30 a.m.; Jinx.


Heavily electronic/post-post-genres/push on the boundaries/fearless/danceable/possibly sad:

• Shouldies: 8:30 p.m.; Social.

• Enen: 8:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.

• Graham Van Pelt: 9:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.

• Empath: 10:30 p.m.; The Jinx.

• Home Body: 10:30 p.m.; Club One.

• Louise Prince: 10:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.



• Deerhunter: 8:30 p.m.; Ships.


Hip-hop/rap/poetry with music:

• Dope KNife: 10 p.m.; El-Rocko Lounge.

• McKinley Dixon: 11 p.m.; El-Rocko Lounge.


Saturday, March 9

Singer-songwriter/folk-rock/Americana/generally made by white people/listen to Hank, Johnny, Willie, Dolly and Loretta/real country music/not pop-country/:

Skyar Gudasz: noon; The Grey.

Savannah Conley: 1 p.m.; The Grey.

Teddy and the Rough Riders: 3 p.m.; Jinx.

Damon & The Sh!tkickers: 5 p.m.; Jinx.


Savannah kids making music:

• Abbey Shoemake: 2:30 p.m.; Social.

• Chris Jenksin: 3 p.m.; Social.

• Tybee Ratistas: 3:30 p.m.; Social.

• Chopped Eclipse: 4 p.m.; Social.

• Pig Teeth: 4:30 p.m.; Social.

• Basically Nancy: 5 p.m.; Social.


Indie-rock/released an album on Kanine Records:

• Tallies: 3 p.m.; El-Rocko.

• Living Hours: 4 p.m.; El-Rocko.

• Surfer Blood: 5 p.m.; El-Rocko.


Heavily electronic/post-post-genres/push on the boundaries/fearless/danceable/possibly sad:

• BOYO: 8:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.

• Bero Bero: 9:30 p.m.; Club One.

• TEEN: 11:30 p.m.; Club One.


Indie-rock/post-punk/heavily inspired by indie rock/adores pop music/there will be guitars:

• Deeper: 7 p.m.; Ships.

• Nancy Druid: 9 p.m.; El-Rocko.

• Camp Howard: 9 p.m.; Social.

• The Joy Formidable: 9 p.m.; Ships.

• Heavy Books: 9:30 p.m.; Service.

• Bad Bad Hats: 10 p.m.; El-Rocko.

• Babe Club: 10:30 p.m.; Club One.

• Illiterate Light: 10:39 p.m.; Service.

• Spider Bags: 11 p.m.; Jinx.

• Susto: 11:30 p.m.; Service.

• The Beths: 11 p.m.; El-Rocko.


Not shy about horns/organ usage possible/R&B and Motown were listened to in childhood/own jazz records on vinyl:

• Beencoolen: 8 p.m.; Social.



Pylon Reenactment Society: 8 p.m; Ships.


Indie-pop/inspired by The Smiths and feelings/slow/contemplative:

• Lunar Vacation: 9:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.


Punk/post-punk/garage rock/probably use fuzz pedals/loud:

• Chastity: 10 p.m.; Jinx.

• Hot Flash Heat Wave: 10:30 p.m.; Barrelhouse South.

• Mike Krol: midnight; Jinx.


Stopover venues:

Barrelhouse South | 125 West Congress Street
Club One | 1 West Jefferson Street
Congress Street Social Club | 411 West Congress Street
El-Rocko Lounge | 117 Whitaker Street
The Grey | 109 Martin Luther King Jr  Blvd
The Jinx | 127 W. Congress Street
Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum | 41 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Perry Lane Hotel, Wayward Bar | 257 E. Perry Street
Service Brewing Co. | 574 Indian Street
The Stopover Artist Lounge | 18 E. Broughton Street (Credentials Required)
Festival HQ & Ticketing | 216 W. Broughton Street