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“Is it just me or does anybody else think painting Lincoln Street bike path green looks really bad? If this goes all the way downtown, we're going to have to rename it Leprechaun Lane.”


“When are we going to see something built where Johnny Harris Restaurant used to be? Give us an idea, please; miss Johnny Harris very much.”


“The lawyer commercials are just as bad and annoying as the robocalls. TV stations, you can control these commercials and do something about it. Get your sales people out and get some new sponsors.”


“I think it’s a simple thing to understand why people don’t use their turn signals: Their cell phone is in that hand.”


“Anyone that tattoos a face of Richard Nixon on their back is all the information you need to know about their mentality.”


“The three Georgia Southern University football players that were arrested were just adding to their resume in preparation for playing in the National Football League.”