I don’t drink.

Let me clarify that: I have never drunk a drop of alcohol. Forty-seven years old and nary a glass of wine or a brewski. Not even an O’Doul’s.

And I hate coffee.

Now that Savannahians’ jaws are on the floor, allow me to tell you why this lifelong teetotaler will be a frequent patron of Brewed: I drink tea, and I watch soccer.

The name of the latest drinkery and eatery to brighten the Habersham corridor is simplistically clever: beer, coffee and tea. Add a small selection of wines by the glass, pastries, breads-and-spreads, grilled cheese sammies, and liege waffles and you have Brewed, the cozy creation of Amy Livingood and Douglas Galloway.

Livingood, great niece of the longtime Savannah appliancier, took the reverse Lewis and Clark route to Savannah. Born in Minnesota, she stayed in Washington state after college and worked in operations for The Derschang Group in Seattle, gaining restaurant knowledge and inspiration from founder and CEO Linda Derschang.

Galloway, a native of Warner-Robins who lived in Germany for two years, parlayed five years doing outside sales for Southbound Brewing Co. into this realized dream of his new shop.

This unique space was available, so it was time for Amy and Douglas, partners in every sense, to open their first venture together; she leading the kitchen and he leading the “beer program.”

“We disguised a beer hall as a coffee house,” says Galloway. "The seating is designed to encourage interaction, more social hall than restaurant.”

Over the past three years, once the three-story putty-and-brown condo complex was done-and-dusted, a handful of restaurant concepts for the space at the corner of Habersham and 34th fell through.

The couple echoed each other’s feeling that the space dictated and inspired the design of Brewed, evidenced by the fire service piping incorporated into the steampunk dark conduit curtain rods and counter supports.

Amy says that their goal was to build a place that “neighborhood friendly, community driven, and complementary to the area with some personality in it.”

The front of Brewed is open and airy with high, wide windows that give it an outdoor feel, a place where locals can work remotely over a pastry and coffee or a beer and grilled cheese with an overflow of outlets and super-fast WiFi.

The back is more cozy and intimate, an L-shaped bar facing the modest kitchen prep space in one direction and the 16 live taps in the other.

The wall colors are an intended homage to a Coors Banquet Beer can: buff yellow, navy and claret. Galloway says, “I’m a beer nerd, not a beer snob.”

The plan for the 16 live taps is Georgia- and regional-focused with four each in the following profiles: light options and pale ales, IPAs, browns and darks, and seasonals.

“Every local brewery will always have at least one tap on,” he pledges. He eventually plans to expand the package list to 40 or 50 beers.

The loose-leaf black tea, provided by Hale Tea Co. of Pooler, was lovely in a hot metal mug. Coffees are being provided by local roaster James Spano (Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters), though this is not the place for a frothy, frilly barista-ed bevvie. Brewed is for a cuppa or a basic hot or iced black.

Or a real brew, as in beer.

Sweet pastries are being furnished by Gottlieb’s Bakery and include sticky buns and bear claws that Amy will happily heat up for you, and breads and crackers for sandwiches and shareable dips are from Auspicious Baking Co.

Brewed soft-opened its doors back on Feb. 13, and on Feb. 24, it opened at 9 a.m. for the Liverpool-ManU tilt. No brews were served that Sunday morning, but 25 soccer fans were there to watch in good company.

Douglas has plans to install two more TVs, depending on how things go in these early days, so that multiple matches can be shown at once.

“I don’t want to be a sports bar, per se,” Douglas admits, “but I’m okay being a soccer bar.”

Someday, Neil and his wife will be living in a tiny town in the south of France, eating, doing crosswords, and playing Scrabble. For now, when he is not grading papers, baking bread, or watching EPL soccer, he writes and he builds furniture.