During Pylon Reenactment Society’s killer set on the final night of Savannah Stopover, a contingent of teenagers were dancing close to the stage in the North Garden at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum danced.

It was one of those great moments when past and present converge through music. Vanessa Briscoe Hay – a member of the influential Athens act Pylon 40 years ago – led her stellar current band through a Stopover show that thrilled those who had seen the original Pylon in person and others young enough to be their grandkids.

That experience reminded me of the vital roles that all-ages venues can play in a community. The Ships of the Sea is a perfect spot for performances that can unite generations, but we have a general dearth of ongoing all-ages venues in Savannah, despite the loosening of some restrictions that enabled more clubs to allow patrons under 21 for live performances.

In theory, we could see several all-ages music venues open within the next year, but we will have to wait for clear announcements before we know the business models for Victory North on Whitaker Street, The Wesley on Bull Street and the new venue in the Plant Riverside development on River Street.


Of course, there will be plenty of performances open to all ages at the Savannah Music Festival in the coming weeks, and bands will be performing on outdoor stages downtown for the St. Patrick’s Day festival.

Parents might not necessarily want their kids hanging out downtown during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but the music begins at midday on both on March 15 and 16 at outdoor stages.

The River Street stages feature performances by popular local acts like The Train Wrecks, Liquid Ginger, Eric Culberson, In For A Penny, Danielle Hicks & The Resistance, Ember City, Thomas Claxton & The Myth, Lyn Avenue and Bottles & Cans.

And there will be plenty of great bands playing in regular venues this weekend as well, including before the holiday officially kicks off.

The Orange Constant, an Athens-based band that formed in Statesboro, will return to Barrelhouse South, 125 W. Congress St., on March 14.

The Irish punk band The Peelers will perform at The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St., on March 14. In For A Penny, which you can read more about elsewhere in this edition of Do, is set to open.

The downtown clubs will be hopping from March 14 through the weekend.

The city’s rather late decision to allow bars to be open on March 17 left a few venues scrambling to book acts on the Sunday after the parade, but music should be easy to find if you are wandering downtown this weekend.

And while you’re tipping your bartenders and servers, remember to tip the bands too.

Bill Dawers writes City Talk in Savannah Morning News and blogs at Savannah Unplugged (www.billdawers.com) and hissing lawns (www.hissinglawns.com). Email billdawers@comcast.net.