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“The reason most Americans love Donald Trump is because Donald Trump loves America.”


“Instead of building a dumb wall, why not be smart and begin dismantling Homeland Security?”


“Why in the world would the city schedule the annual Savannah Book Festival, two downtown races and the Irish festival all on the same morning? Ridiculous lack of foresight.”


“Kudos to the Savannah Country Day students for putting on the musical ‘Evita.’ What a fantastic performance.”


“It doesn’t matter what President Trump says in his speeches. He has proven time and time again that he cannot be trusted!”


“All you Democrats who are smarter than Trump, how come you are not president?”


“Why throw your hate at Pelosi? She is elected to her position! She does not receive perks or kickbacks like physicians or lobbyists. Let's start there.”


“Forget about El Chapo because we as Americans are under seize by El Trumpo.”