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“We are losing more trees and not planting to replace them. The city needs to start replanting trees desperately.”


“I bought down on the islands back in 1947. I moved down in 1950 and I do not need an incorporation; I haven’t thus far and I’m 92 now.”


“Between the train in Garden City and the train in Savannah, it's a miracle anybody ever gets to work on time.”


“Green Democrats propose replacing air travel with high-speed rail. The Green Democrat governor of California stopped their high-speed rail project. Just saying!”


“Regarding the comment about the Catholic Church should be shut down: Well, it’s lasted for over 2,000 years and any kind of institution (church, business or anything like that), you’re going to find bad and good.”


“Nations reap what they sow; as a result, we have a gifted con artist and bankruptcy king.”


“The U.S. Surgeon General has declared vaping, the use of electric cigarettes, to be an epidemic among America's youth. By the way, there is little press on this important health issue.” [Editor's note: Read more about the issue at savannahnow.com/accent.]

“How can they call it a car break-in when most of the cars they have gotten into are unlocked?”


“Think about your children and your grandchildren when you vote to incorporate or not to incorporate.”


“I love that the property transfers are now listed in order by zip code. It's so much easier to read. Thank you, SMN!”


“Dear latest batch of dull-witted, out-of-town collegiate donkeys: When driving around town, it is important to realize that seeing yellow lines on your right means you are going the wrong way.”


“Even if someone invented the fool-proof voting machine, he/she would not earn enough money to cover the cost. No political institutions would want it. Gerrymandering is my beginning point. Knowing politics, who will receive payback on that project?”