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“Regarding the Skidaway vote: Fear triumphed over facts.”


“In the 1896 election, the Republican Party was known as the Progressive Party and ran on a platform to elevate corporations and the wealthy, saying giving them monetary enhancements would ‘leak-down’ to the average American. Reagan just changed the terminology to ‘trickle-down,’ but actually, Republicans have been leaking on middle class Americans ever since.”


“FYI, this year you have until March 30 to change your medical insurance coverage and I think everybody should know that.”


“We noticed the difference in the amount of trash there since the parade route has been changed and it does not include the parks and squares. Second thing is they start charging people wristband fees to drink on the street down at the river, and now they drink in squares and leave their trash and there's no wristband fee charge to help clean it up.”